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Treating Acute and Chronic Pain with EMS Therapy

January 25, 2021

Even though we sometimes take our muscles for granted, they play an vital role in our everyday functioning. Muscles represent the "engine" that the body uses to propel itself, turning energy into motion. Sometimes, when muscle injury and pain happen, it can be debilitating, making it harder to move.

At the office of Springfield Chiropractic Clinic, we treat injuries that affect the muscles with electrical muscle stimulation, thereby shortening the time it takes to heal. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), is used in chiropractic therapy on patients who suffer pain or spasm in an injured area. With EMS, a mild electrical current is applied, causing fast contractions to the muscle, thereby reducing pain, spasms, and improve healing.

Therapy is begun on a low setting, and the frequency is increased until the patient has reached a tolerance level with the electrodes. The fast muscle contractions that occur during this EMS help to fatigue the muscle, allowing it to relax and calm the spasm. At that time the body also releases endorphins, its natural painkillers, which also help reduce pain caused by the injury. Treatment time is usually around 10-15 minutes, depending on the patient’s needs.

EMS is often described by patients as a pleasant, tingling sensation, and is often used to treat acute or chronic pain, in addition to strains or sprains of the muscles, joints, and soft tissues of the spine and extremities.

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