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Sinus, Allergies and Ear Infections

Sinus Care

Most people are unaware of the benefits that chiropractic services hold for treating sinusitis. There are specific chiropractic treatments that are designed to adjust the bones and mucus membrane surrounding the sinus cavities, and other joints and muscles around the body that can have an affect on the sinuses. Our patients have found that their chiropractic adjustments have greatly improved their sinus headache pain, breathing, sense of smell, and more. Sinusitis treatments are usually spread out for about two months and may require several visits within that time to provide the patient with the most effective and lasting results.


Most seasonal allergy treatments address the symptoms associated with allergies, whereas chiropractic services aim to address their root causes. By keeping the spine aligned correctly, monitoring nutrition, and exercising regularly, you are maintaining a clear communication between your brain and your body, which actually decreases your immune system’s risk of experiencing common allergy triggers. This increases the likelihood of remaining healthy and happy throughout each allergy season.

Ear Infection Care

While most people do not think of visiting the chiropractor in order to treat or prevent ear infections, it is something to consider. Recent research has shown that children who visited the chiropractor for several chiropractic adjustments spread out through a set period of time were much less likely to develop an ear infection within the six months that followed. The reasoning behind this is that chiropractic services encourage the ear to drain naturally and prevent infection.