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Are you on Shaky Ground? Your Chiropractor can Help

May 25, 2021

Feelings of dizziness and lack of balance are common problems, with nearly a third of older adults experiencing symptoms. Both conditions contribute to a heightened risk for falls, which are a leading cause of injury among that same age group. What can you do to get relief, or to prevent yourself from ending up on shaky ground?

The chiropractors at the offices of Springfield Chiropractic Clinic treat our patients for balance-related conditions with safe, natural procedures that don’t rely on medication. We are specially trained to carefully assess our patients in a holistic manner, taking into consideration all aspects of their health to help their bodies heal. 

Achieving proper balance requires our muscles to be in tune — they must have strength and flexibility — and our spine must be in alignment. Our senses also must be properly attuned, including hearing, vision, and nervous system function. If any of these complex systems are out of whack, problems may arise. 

A major cause of dizziness and balance complaints is vertigo, described as feeling light-headed, a fainting sensation, and difficulty walking, sometimes accompanied by headaches, hearing loss, and nausea. Vertigo is often linked to problems with the inner ear, although there are a number of other causes. Even when the condition’s underlying causes are not serious, vertigo can erode a sufferer’s quality of life, with symptoms popping up without warning and persisting for extended periods.

At the offices of Springfield Chiropractic Clinic, our caring, attentive staff treat balance-related problems with gently applied manipulations, commonly known as “adjustments,” that guide the body back into harmony. And we educate our patients on how they can keep their bodies in tune for a healthier, happier life in the days ahead. Call us today to schedule an examination and assessment, to learn how you can get balance back into your life.